Why Should I Use A Non Profit Debt Consolidation Program?

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It is important to realize, the term ‘non profit’ does not mean free. Non profit means: after all overhead is paid out by a company, the company does not show a profit. Being non profit does not make them a better choice when it comes to helping you consolidate your debts. You should always do your homework and find the company and program that is right for you. Get a few quotes before you decide.

The idea of a non profit debt consolidation program should be to help the consumer become educated about how credit works and provide counseling to help them handle their finances. They also provide services to lower the existing debt and work with creditors to lower your monthly payments. In many cases, you will pay one monthly sum to them and they will disburse payments to your creditors. There will be a fee for this service which will be added to your payment to them each month.

We all know how easy it can be to get off track and spend a bit more than we can afford to have a decently comfortable life. There are times when we don’t realize just how much credit card companies charge in interest and late fees. A non profit debt consolidation program will work with your creditors to reduce or eliminate late payment charges and delinquent fees. If our credit becomes damaged we are really in a financial pickle. Without decent credit we are unable to get a mortgage to purchase a home, get any type of loan for that new vehicle, borrow money for your child’s education, or that well deserved vacation.

Non profit debt consolidation programs will help you get out of debt and become more educated about debt and how it affects your life, and teach you how to stay debt free. This will hopefully show you how to avoid financial problems in the future. You will receive one-on-one advice from a certified credit counselor who will work with you and your budget to design a payment plan that is unique to your situation. Credit counselors know the particulars of creditor’s rules and policies. This gives them an inside track when it comes to negotiating with your creditors.

If you find that you are in debt up to your ears, there had to have been a reason you find yourself in this situation. Perhaps you had a medical emergency and you were unable to meet most of your bills because of the high cost of health care or were not able to work for several months. Maybe the fault wasn’t yours entirely, a spouse or child ran up the credit cards beyond what you could reasonably pay and the fees and interest just kept adding up.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself in a financial bind and don’t know which way to turn to get out of debt. A non profit debt consolidation program may be your best bet. Although it will cost a fee each month for this service, you will see a vast improvement within just a few months and before you know it you will have your outstanding debt paid off.

As I mentioned before, do your homework and do not take a non profit debt consolidation program at face value. We hate to think that there are companies out there that are not honest, but we know they exist. My advice is to get references, if possible, before you hand your money over to anyone.

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Sometimes the best successes come after the worst disappointments. Tweet this

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