Q&A: Personal loans, payday loans?

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Question by Hillary: Personal loans, payday loans?
can sum one give me sum information about personal loans, where to get one. and about payday loans? i was thinkin about gettin one but i jus dnt kno much of anything about thm. so if by experiance or any website info id really appreciate it

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Answer by Reena
You can find them by looking in the phone book under Payday Loans.
Look for a local check into cash or plain old “Pay Day Loan” store in your neighborhood.

Do not use anything on the internet… because all of them are scam sites that want you to send them money first. They then take your money and you never get a loan.

You will need a job and a bank account. Take along your last pay stub and your check book.

Better yet… just save up the money and pay cash later because a pay day loan will make you pay back twice of what you borrow.

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Sometimes the best successes come after the worst disappointments. Tweet this

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4 Responses to Q&A: Personal loans, payday loans?

  1. I found some pay day loan companys online that were good. The only thing about these are that they are very expensive charging huge fees to keep the loan open. Paying these loans off was a battle and I would tell anyone to try saving first rather than trying these type of loans.

  2. Payday loans are an expensive form of credit; on average, you can expect to pay $ 15 for every $ 100 borrowed. The loans are usually repaid within 14 days; if you need more time, you’ll have to take an additional loan (once again paying $ 15 per $ 100). The loans are not based upon your credit worthiness –- most payday lenders will grant you a loan if you’ve had a job for a minimum length of time and lived in the area for a minimum length of time. If you meet the criteria, you’re usually denied only if you’ve defaulted on a previous payday loans (which report to different agencies than traditional loans).

    Although expensive, payday loans are an excellent option for those who can’t obtain a traditional loan, desperately need cash for a viable purpose & are in position to re-pay the loan (plus fees) in the near future. Examples of a useful payday loan: your car needs repair and you’re unable to get to work without it, you’re about to be evicted unless you make an immediate payment, you’ll have to pay fees (including reconnect, legal fees, etc.) exceeding the cost of the payday loan if you don’t make an immediate payment.

  3. Personal Loans or payday loans can be a big rip off! Find out how to get the cheapest flexible, insured, standard and lower credit scorers loans on Paydays Lead. It is one of the best payday loans matching service providers in the United Kingdom. It is providing credit services for finding the best suited short term payday loans.

  4. Payday loans are based on your income and direct deposit. They are not based on your credit score so if you have bad credit you can still get a loan. The companies get you checking account information and use it to deposit your loan directly into your account. They also use the information to pull out your payments on the day of your payday.

    These loans can be very expensive so are best used if you no other options exist and you definitely need the money. The Payday Hound is a good resource with a lot of information on these loans including reviews.

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