Proven Ways to Search for Unclaimed Cash

Proven Ways To Search For Unclaimed Cash

Unclaimed cash is one of the several problems that most states are dealing with currently as the pile is growing at a tremendous rate. Growing unclaimed money is not only a trouble source for the financial institutions but also for the federal agencies who manage the safe custody of these assets. As per the state agencies, the government agencies are currently holding $32 billion from over 117 million accounts that have no owners anymore.

Here are certain effective ways to search for unclaimed property or cash:

Searching government database dedicated to savings bonds

Savings bonds have been one of the primary contributors to the growing pile of unclaimed money in the states. Most forget about the saving bonds, and after much time they stop earning any interest and remain under the custody of the state. Searching the website of the treasury department is one of the most efficient ways to get information related to lost bonds. The search is conducted by providing information like name and Social Security Number in the space provided on the site.

Searching the banks

Searching bank accounts may be a hefty kind of a job but it really works. All you have to do is find out all the accounts you have possessed since childhood. The best way to search for bank accounts is by visiting the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators also known as NAUPA that offers dedicated databases for all 50 states.

Contacting Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Also known as the FDIC, they have the responsibility of managing the insurance policies when a bank is not capable of handling the same all together. Most of these insurance policies or assets remain unclaimed, as many of us have no idea after the dissolution of the financial institution with the insurance policies. Visiting the FDIC in person or through its website can offer required information related to lost insurance policies. By visiting the website of FDIC, visitor can get information related to unclaimed funds that are lying under the authority of the corporation.


The IRS is one of the best ways of searching information related to refunds. In the ‘Where’s my Refund’ section of the website the applicant can make search by entering information like Social Security Number, amount and filing status and get the required information within seconds. People who do not have any access to the internet can contact the department with the toll free number (800) 829-1040.

State fairs

It is because of the complex application process many people prefer to sit at home rather than go through the stringent process. State authorities feel that simplifying the application procedure can assist them a lot, which is why organizing state fair proved to be of great help as on the spot decision making attracted many people.

The above-mentioned process remains the same for the all the states that you have resided in since childhood or employment changes and all you have to do is make changes in the state name to find unclaimed money.

Unclaimed money has become easier to find lately. However, the easiest way is by logging on to is the largest unclaimed money database in the world. Log on to today for your free unclaimed money search!

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