President Obama Afghanistan Speech West Point New York (December 1, 2009) [3/4]

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President Barack Obama talks about the future of the US military engagement in Afghanistan at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. Tuesday, December 1, 2009. Part 1: Part 2: Part 4:
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This video, by Carl E. Person, an attorney defending foreclosure actions and commencing wrongful foreclosure actions, on a national basis, explains developments taking place in the New York courts during the past few weeks which may have the effect of stopping millions of residential foreclosures and forcing the banks or other lenders to enter into reasonable loan modification agreements (for lower monthly payments and reduced loan amount) with the homeowner borrowers. Attorneys are now being required by an Administrative Order issued by the Chief Administrative Judge of New York, with the approval of the Chief Judge of New York and the four Presiding Justices of the Appellate Divisions, to file affirmations (the equivalent of affidavits) in each foreclosure action still in the courts (and possibly in post-sale litigation such as eviction and wrongful foreclosure lawsuits) swearing that the bank and its attorneys have complied with the various NY statutes, rules and regulations required as to residential foreclosures. If the attorney doesn’t sign and file the required affirmation, the foreclosure won’t go forward. If the attorney commits perjury by swearing untruthfully in an affirmation, the attorney can be disbarred, fined or even put in jail. I, Carl Person, the creator of this video, 10 days earlier had urged similar action in a press release posted on my campaign website (in support of my 2010 candidacy for NYS Attorney General). I applaud what the NY Courts have
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Sometimes the best successes come after the worst disappointments. Tweet this

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38 Responses to President Obama Afghanistan Speech West Point New York (December 1, 2009) [3/4]

  1. “Our president likes to be on both sides at once.
    …In Afghanistan, he wants to go but he wants to stay. He’s surging and withdrawing simultaneously. He’s leaving fewer troops than are needed for a counterinsurgency strategy and more troops than are needed for a counterterrorism strategy — and he seems to want both strategies at the same time. Our work is done but we have to still be there. Our work isn’t done but we can go.” –Maureen Dowd, New York Times, June 26, 2011

  2. So some guy from Saudi Arabia claims to have organized the 911 attacks from Afghanistan, so we wage a never ending war there and occupy the country.

    The leader of the actual attack on the plane lived in Germany. Let’s attack Germany.

    Check these videos out on Youtube

    “Afghanistan War Debate Begins In Congress! (Finally!) pt.1 Congressman Kucinich”


    “Ron Paul’s Five Minute Speech in Support of the Afghanistan Resolution”

  3. It’s too bad that George Bush didnt get a nobel peace prize for his waging of war against the enemies of the USA, Europe and Russia. They only give that worthless prize to democrats

  4. No he does not…when did you hear george bush give a logical reasoning(cost of war, debt, timeline, deadline for achieving goals, responsibility, businesses etc.) in DETAIL behind a big decision. He only sounds like george bush in the last part (5 mins) of his speech where he’s pepping up the young troops which is natural. His speech stood out from all the recent speeches given by any US president. It was different.

  5. It’s quite easy. A president as lofty, prideful, and militarily inexperienced as he is is difficult to take seriously. He’s only giving his generals half the troops they asked for. They asked for 60,000 at minimum, and Obama thinks it’s possible with 30,000. If I were him, I’d listen to my generals more.

  6. dude im from trible region of pakistan i,ve seen what americans are capable of, they laugh when they bomb but they weep when we catch them on ground they weep like whores…. and im from BAJAUR… ISLAM will live forever and you all will vanish like aleander the great asshole and then like fool russians and now its turn of basterds americans. and yes im a muslim and wanna become a MOMIN, so im not afraid anymore of any asshole. you want some get some.

  7. Best president ever. Nothing wrong with bring people home from Afghanistan. But my point of view when he brings them home. After everything will die down in Afghanistan then something as big as 911 will happen ….which will be in 2012. Something will happen in the States….that’s just something that is popping in my mind that will happen if he brings the troops home.

  8. Fighting Bin Laden is the wrong war

    Bin Laden and others are products of educational/preaching system
    What the world cultures and Muslims peace loving should do?

    *Change people’s mindset*

    Winning battles without changing people’s mind set is meaningless
    Help alternative Islamic doctrines preaching for peaceful coexistence
    with world cultures to gain Muslims harts


  9. Sounds like somebody’s skerd. Stay on the porch, puppy. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Someone finally called and suggested that it might look better if the cadets clapped. Pathetic.

  10. NYredwhiteandblue March 10, 2012 at 3:37 am

    Carl, keep up the good fight my friend… These corrupt banks with their fake attempts at modification have to be stopped. I have sent you an email, hopefully we will talk soon…

  11. @videolover61 We can take it to the corrupt banking system in one way only, which is by a homeowner going into court and asking the court to eliminate the bank’s interests for a variety of legal reasons, with the hope that because the legal issues are sound the bank will resolve the matter by giving the homeowner a reasonable loan modification agreement, which benefits all parties (homeowner gets affordable mortgage and bank eliminates various legal claims against its mortgage position)

  12. @MrLongshotlouie – I like your handle, and I want you to know how close you are to the mark. I do have a way (untested at this time) to “save a republic”, and 36,000 voters voted for me during this last election (for NYS AG). My plan is to create prosperity for residents/small businesses in a small town. No money or statutes needed. 1. town enforces rights of residents; 2. tuition free equivalency college for residents 3. area wide payroll adm’r 4. create self empl of resid w/ task marketplace

  13. @jemsdaily – you can help the cause by telling your friends/relatives/associates who are similarly situated about my video series, particularly # 47 which urges financially-troubled homeowners-mortgagors to sue the banks, MERS, trustee, others to try to eliminate their interests and hope that this results in a desired loan modification agreement, which would be good for all concerned, you get a LMA and the bank gets an original note and original mortgage and a waiver of all past defenses

  14. @jemsdaily – Many thanks for your expressed appreciation, it helps to keep me going and to do new videos. You could help me further by letting others know about these videos, particularly # 47, which explains why NOW is the time for homeowners to sue the banks (alleging the banks have no interest in the property and seek a judgment eliminating the banks’ interests). NOW the banks are in total disarray and are less able to defend an action to quiet title than they’ll be in 6-12 months.

  15. @inspirediam Many thanks for your support. This is a brand new development in foreclosures and needs to be spread around the country, so that other courts and state legislatures can learn what they need to do – because the Obama Administration and Congress are clearly doing nothing.

  16. There is a way to save the republic, by creating economic reform in towns and villages, the lowest level of government. I spell this out in my weekly column, and want you to call your local weekly newspaper (if you live in a town or village under 25,000 in population) and ask them to publish the column (for free).

  17. @videolover61 – I need your help. Call your local weekly newspaper and see if it will publish my weekly column (for free).

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