i need to know where to go to get a loan with bad credit.?

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Question by foxy69: i need to know where to go to get a loan with bad credit.?
I did not have bad credit until I lost my job the same week I bought my house. Now I am trying to play catch up and I have fallen so far behind. I have tried to apply at different places but no one can help.

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Answer by Donna M
Sometimes the only place is a loan shark. But you pay a huge price for that.

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Sometimes the best successes come after the worst disappointments. Tweet this

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4 Responses to i need to know where to go to get a loan with bad credit.?

  1. I just received this loan application form and know nothing about it, but check it out.

    Northstar Systems
    162-01 Northern Blvd., #199Flushing, NY 11358
    Pre-Approval Loan Application
    Fast Approvals on All Types of Loans-Guaranteed!

    Need a Cash Loan for Personal or Business use, or a Debt Consolidation Loan to consolidate all your bills? We can assist you immediately.

    Our service offers:
    ·Unsecured Personal Loans from $ 500-$ 10,000.00 (Bad Credit Accepted)
    ·Debt Consolidation Loans up to $ 50,000.00
    ·Military Loans and Federal Employee Loans
    ·Business or Business Start-Up Loans (no limit)

    We accept BAD, FAIR or NO credit applicants. Of course good credit is always welcome! No Homeownership Required! Loans amounts from $ 500-$ 250,000 available.

    With over 12 years experience, our Nationwide Loan Service has helped thousands of people get the money they need, when they could not get a loan from any other source. Regardless of past credit history you can get the money you need, and re-establish your credit today!

    Northstar Systems is a company dedicated to excellence, offering our customers prompt individualized service which is fully guaranteed.

    The majority of applicants who apply are approved for the money they need. Of course, your are under no obligation to accept the loan even after you are approved. Interest rates are low, with flexible payment options to fit your needs.

    Even if you have been previously turned down, filed bankruptcy, have bad credit or good credit, we can help you get the money you need today!

    Please complete the short Loan Service Application. Return it along with your one time $ 35.00 application Fee. Instruction on next page.

    We believe in putting our money where our mouth is! In other words. If we do not successfully assist you in securing your loan, you owe us nothing. Your service fee is 100% refundable if you do not receive your loan.

    The entire process takes 7-10 business days from the time we receive your Loan Service Application. You are under no obligation to accept the loan or loan amount offered once you are approved. You decide!

    Our service is 100% GUARANTEED
    If your loan request is declined for any reason your service charge is refunded.

    Here is the actual loan application (the formatting is all messed up in this narrow space, but maybe you can at least tell what info they need:

    (Please Print)Date

    Tell Us What Type of Loan You Need. Check One or All. We ask for general information only, we do not run a credit check!
    Personal Unsecured LoanBusiness or Start-Up Business Loan
    Debt Consolidation LoanDebt Consolidation Program
    Military Loan-Federal LoanStudent LoanAuto Loan

    Amount of Loan Needed?How did you hear about us?
    Applicant Name
    Phone NumberE-Mail Address (If you have one)
    AddressCityState Zip Code

    Rent OtherTime at Current Residence
    Employer’s NamePosition
    Length of Employment Monthly Income Other Income

    Co-Applicant Name (If Applicable)
    Phone NumberE-Mail Address (If you have one)
    AddressCityState Zip Code

    Employer’s NamePosition
    I understand that all information given in this service application to Northstar Systems is held in strict confidence and is for general information only.
    We Guarantee a Refund if for any reason your loan request is denied! 100% Guaranteed!
    The company guarantees the client will be approved for the loan request or the service fee will be refunded. The company will assist the client for 60 days to secure a loan or financially related service. Client will pay service fee of $ 35.00 for processing loan information. Client will apply to referrals provided. Client must show applications were submitted and were declined by three lenders to be eligible for a full refund. promotional offers can be cancelled without advanced notice.
    Length of EmploymentMonthly Income
    Other Income
    Applicant Signature
    Co-Applicant Signature (if applicable)
    Please Submit Your $ 35.00 Service Application Fee: Add $ 5.00 for Express Service.
    Express orders are processed same day receive ‘. Loan request will be delayed without Application Fee,

    Total $ 35.00 add $ 5.00 for Express Service – Express Total $ 40.00, payable to:
    Northstar Systems
    162-01 Northern Blvd., #199 Flushing, NY 11358
    We accept all forms of payment: Money Orders • Cash or Personal Checks

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