Georgia Pregnancy Medicaid question?

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Question by me: Georgia Pregnancy Medicaid question?
I applied for ga medicaid. and i was approved. when i applied they only asked for my husbands check stubs, (i worked the month before but since i dont anymore they said they didnt need mine) proof of residence (which i brought a ga power bill), ss card, drivers license, birth certificate, and proof of pregnancy and i filled out the application which only asked who was in the house and if anyone had insurance (my husband and son do with blue cross , private insurance) what was in my bank account, what cars we have and who was applying for the medicaid. They didnt ask what i did for my home, like if i own or rent and what the payment was a month? when I was approved they sent a letter saying your approved and here is your medicaid number and they said you live in a : home . your monthly income is: $ *** . Your monthly rent is : $ 400 . Why would they say that? I never put that. My question is.. should I call and say thats not right since i own a home and pay morgage. or just leave it alone? I dont want anyone to come after me saying i am medicaid fraud!! I had to quit my job because i was severly sick so I lost insurance and this was only optino to get medicaid. our income now doesnt cover all our bills anymore but thankkfull husbands parents help us out with some of the bills we pay so that we wont loose our home. but we also didnt say that, since its not part of the income, they just help as needed.

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Answer by nicole87
I dont live in ga but i live in South Carolina, and i think its about the same application, i would call them and have it fixed because if they find out they will kick you off medicaid and make you back pay anything that they payed for. Just in case!

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Sometimes the best successes come after the worst disappointments. Tweet this

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