Do Christian Debt Consolidation Offer Better Interest Rates?

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A person would think that Christian debt consolidation companies are the most trustworthy sources to get help for debt relief. On the contrary, some Christian debt consolidation services are like most others; and they are out to get all they can from whomever they can get it. In fact, this is often the worst type of source to ask for help for relieving debt. To protect yourself from debt consolidation fraud, you may want to get information from Consumer Federation of America, the source that monitors debt consolidation companies.

Not so long ago, D.C. exposed several fraudulent companies that offered debt consolidation services, including non-profit organizations, which are often affiliated with Christian leaders. The Consumer Federation of America and the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) work together to unmask the scandalous organizations that claim to eliminate debts. The debt consolidation companies are said to have caused damage to customers by offering “improper advice.” These companies were also penalized for advertising misleading and slick practices, as well as charging debtors more than what they make in fees. The Christian organizations, as you can see, are no different from anyone else in some instances. At the same time, these people are different, since they are using a mechanism to shield their wrongful acts.

Therefore, even if the debt consolidation organization claims to be a non-profit affiliated with Christians, be aware that this does not mean that they will be honest. The reports against some of these organizations also included cutbacks on educational programs and have even lead debtors straight into the courts of bankruptcy. For more information about Christian debt consolidation, go up and visit the Consumer Federation of America site. Here you can determine what your best option for debt relief is and if you should in fact hire a debt consolidation expert.

If you need to consolidate your debts, a Christian debt consolidation organization may be your best bet for a low rate; however, you should never assume that such an organization will be honest. You should always search for background information on the company before entering into a contract.

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Sometimes the best successes come after the worst disappointments. Tweet this

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