Consolidation Debt Programs In Illinois That Are Non Profit

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There are a couple of consolidation debt programs in Illinois that are non profit institution. We will take a look at both and explore what type of services they have to offer.

Debt Counseling Corp., is a non profit organization with several services for those who are thinking of debt consolidation. This debt consolidation firm offer the following services:

1. Free debt analysis
2. Free educational services and materials
3. Free seminars
4. Free debt and credit counseling
5. Free assistance to help you realize what your long and short term goals are
6. Free budget planning tailored for your needs
7. Work to reduce interest rates on debts through the debt counseling program

This site also offers articles and newsletters to help you learn about the latest tips and information on how to manage your money.

Franklin Debt Relief offers:

1. Credit card debt settlement and reduction (as much as 50%)
2. Services to reduce debt
3. Debt settlement consolidation to avoid bankruptcy
4. Helps you get out of debt for only half of what is owed
5. Works to get interest put aside
6. One convenient monthly payment (they will disburse payments to your debtors)

Christian Debt Consolidators is another consolidation debt programs in Illinois. This site offers:

1. Unsecured debt consolidation
2. Negotiation with creditors to lower interest rates
3. Settle IRS debts
4. Provide financial planning that is suited to your individual needs
5. One affordable payment from you and CDC will see that your bills are paid on time
6. Professional counselor is available to help any way they can and to answer any questions you may have.
7. No hidden fees
8. Pay off your debts quickly
9. Provide a solid payment plan that you can live with
10. Will work with you if you are finding it hard to pay the amounts you set up with them, and try to work out a plan more suited to your capabilities.

Christian Debt Consolidators offers a solid debt settlement solution by working to reduce credit balances 50-75%. This alone will save most clients thousands of dollars and cut the time you will be paying off each debt.

With all the credit given out to any who have a credit rating, it is no wonder we find ourselves so deeply in debt. Many people feel they can find no way out of their mounting debt. We all need a roof over our head and food to eat, it is even necessary to have a vehicle in order to travel to work. I feel that a telephone is a big necessity and as a writer my computer is a necessity. I’m sure we can live without trips to tropical places and diamond rings. If you are in debt perhaps it is time to look at necessities vs. things we could live without, even if we don’t want to. Most of us have stretched budgets and strained wallets. Credit is pretty much a way of life for this day and age. If you have poor credit you are pretty much stuck.

Using debt consolidation programs in Illinois that are non profit, will allow us to keep our necessities and credit rating. It’s a win/win situation.

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Sometimes the best successes come after the worst disappointments. Tweet this

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